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Since 1961, Macchi has never ceased to develop and is now considered one of the leaders in plastic processing systems and because we do only film extrusion systems, we must be pretty sure of the quality of our work. A time honored statement -fully subscribed across the Company Staff- is that we believe in what we do, because we do it well. Constant interaction and collaboration with Customers to seek out new opportunities, to develop new solutions based on finished product quality, system reliability and a favorable system cost-to-performance ratio. We build to specifications, not to cost. The main reason why our customers buy from us, is that in our mind quality and savings are synonymous. First of all on initial investment, where the performance-to-price ratio is one of the best available on the market. Then carefully selected cost effective automation systems allows savings on labor costs. High quality components grant a long term performance and allow saving on maintenance costs. Last but not least, savings on energy costs, due to the use of innovative drive technologies.