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Even an excellent film, if incorrectly wound can seriously affect the subsequent stages of printing or web converting. The winning product in the Macchi production range is the BO winding concept, offering a complete range of digitally controlled, gearless operated horizontal operation winding units. Thanks to their great versatility, the BO series of winders is nowadays considered to be one of the best performing on the world market.Offered in two types of construction patterns, both built on the same sturdy basic structure, the BO Basic are designed for surface winding only, whilst the BO Plus are featuring center,surface and gap winding possibilities. Already completed with a number of built-in features, a wide range of additional accessories is available to customize each unit to the specific target. Macchi has developed a modular shaft handling system applicable to any BO Plus winder. Different automation options for the shafts loading are available to enhance downstream operations.