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The RECOTRIM is a very peculiar repelletiser that we developed to enable the immediate recovery of side trims produced during film production. It comes standard with an air/trim separation hopper when the extrusion line winder is equipped with a Venturi suction system or with an optional nip roll, speed-matched with the winder applications such as tacky films, so virtually any kind of filmic product can be recovered. RECOTRIM uses a patented trim infeed system, based on a counter-rotating twin screw that is capable to take-in thin or very thick trims. The material is melted and plasticized in the screw, then fed to a specially designed extrusion die, designed upon melt flow concept derived from the film sector- and exits through a strand die. An adjustable speed rotary cutting system transforms the extruded strands into air cooled pellets of the desired dimensions. By using the side opening provided in the hopper, also waste reels can be simultaneously or separately reclaimed. The production capacity varies according to the requirements and the types of material, and it may reach up to 40/50 kg/h.