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Five layers polyolefin-dedicated (POD) technology was introduced by Macchi since 2001 to foster film production economies and quality enhancement by expanding the product design option, mostly addressed to surface performances and opticals. The today driving force for the development of non barrier five layers film comes from a strong market demand for sustainable specialty packaging films where all the efforts are aimed towards better, stronger, thinner and price competitive films. Five screw coextruders become instrumental in the continuous race toward product downgauging, to compensate –using stiffer layers in dedicated layers- the excessive elasticity of metallocene or linear skins in very thin structures. Collation shrink and flexible packaging substrates are leading the pack, but new applications –such as specialty stretch and surface protection films- are already underway. Together with the synergistic developments permitted by the new resins, the POD concept lines offers unprecedented possibilities of film downgauging, output rates and product performances for new business opportunities all across the flexible packaging value chain.