Our Philosophy

Macchi ranks nowadays among the leading manufacturers of blown film extrusion lines and, as this is our only product line, we must be absolutely sure of the quality of our work. To keep such quality, we have developed a constant interaction and collaboration with all the players in the value chain of the industry to seek out new opportunities, to create new solutions based on the always evolving market requirements, to increase the sustainability of the finished products and to provide our Customers with high reliability and a favorable price/performance ratio. We build to specifications, not to cost.

The main reason why our customers buy from us, is that in our mind quality and savings are synonymous. From the initial investment, characterized by one of the best price/performance ratio, to the cost-effective automation system which allows savings on both labor and energy costs, to end with the high quality components, which grant long term performances with low costs of ownership.


Our Quality

Quality has always been a top priority at Macchi, a “total quality” at all levels, from design to selection of the components, from manufacturing to software development, right down to the cooperation with customers.

It is a quality managed by a specialized team capable of controlling the production process all the way through, with perfectly integrated systems. Maximum attention is also paid to ergonomics of the system, ensuring compliance with the highest safety standards.

Thus, it is not a surprise to understand that Macchi obtained the ISO 9001:2015 Quality Certification, proving his total dedication to this target.

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Management system policy

Policy of the quality management system - Rev. 1 - 18/06/2019
Macchi S.p.A. was founded in 1961 on the initiative of Luigi Macchi, rapidly consolidating to acquire a position of world leader in the design and production of plastics processing systems. Macchi S.p.A. pursues a corporate mission that puts customer satisfaction first and proceeds on the path of increasing products and services quality, developing and / or consolidating operating standards considering the continuous improvement and the effectiveness of its processes.

The Management has therefore decided to implement, certify and maintain over time, a quality management system in compliance with the UNI EN ISO 9001: 2015 standard, with the following objectives:

  • monitor its performance by using appropriate indicators;
  • understand and satisfy all applicable mandatory requirements;
  • to continuously improve operating results with reference to commercial aspects, brand management, prod-uct realization and service quality, thus obtaining the consent of all interested parties identified in the Context Analysis;
  • improve customer satisfaction in all its most significant aspects (understanding customer requirements, quality of the products produced, delivery times and post-sales assistance);
  • lay the foundations, through the implemented management system, to make its own processes and sub-processes more efficient, always in line with the satisfaction of the standard requirements;

To achieve these objectives, the Management recognizes the active involvement and communication to all, and be-tween all internal and external resources that operate on behalf of the organization, in order to make them fully aware of the importance of a management system concretely applied, documented and reproducible, also for reducing costs for non-quality.

The training plans and the professional development programs that will be implemented within the internal human re-sources management system, will be a clear evidence of the Management's commitment to a continuous improvement of the internal relationship, of the company atmosphere and of the skills inside the company.

Macchi S.p.A. has also planned the integration, in the quality management system, of the main aspects relating to the environment and safety at work. Integration that will find concrete implementation over the next two years.

This document is transmitted within the organization and made available to all interested parties who request it. The Management reserves the right to use the communication tools it deems most effective for conveying this document to the outside and making it a supporting element for marketing and brand consolidation activities.