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Customer Service

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A team of competent technical operators is able to connect to your line via modem or internet in order to see the actual running conditions and to provide you with the possibility of remote-service, system configuration and fault identification.

The solution is immediate and idle time is reduced to minimum.

Macchi VR application for remote servicing

Macchi VR application: the new solution for remote servicing 
Macchi Service Team erases any distance and restriction!  
Need a way to monitor, help and support remote technical interventions?  The Macchi VR application is your solution!  
We ensure maximum support so each technician can solve any unforeseen issue by having access to centralized, live, visual expert assistance on demand. 
With Macchi VR application you can increase the productivity of your field service organization  and reduce critical outage times.  
The Macchi VR application allows : 
- connection with Macchi Service directly onsite 
- dedicated internet call
- dedicated chat via internet
- real-time view through operator's "eyes" using VR glasses
- highlight in real time with arrows, drawings with virtual reality on real images
- sending electrical and mechanical drawings directly to our device.
Wiring diagrams can be SENT or SEEN directly online.  
Wearing Macchi VR glasses, puts you in direct contact with Macchi Service. 

Because there’s nothing like “seeing” the job done.
Remotely we are everywhere!

Field Services

We are able to provide you with a wide range of services, from technical support to implementation and retrofits, modifications, express repair and high skilled training. Our highly qualified and experienced engineers will also give you assistance for planned or unforeseen maintenance and advise on how to keep your line in top running conditions.

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