Collation shrink

Thanks to a consumption close to one million tons in Europe only, collation shrink film is nowadays the largest application field after stretch film. Its functions are constantly evolving, from the first simple bundles, to a sophisticated three or (more and more) five layer film for significant weight reduction.

The downgauging allowed by the new resins and the POD technology has been astonishing: nowadays the collation shrink film is more than 50% thinner than it was five years ago.

And the requirements are moving towards stiffer and optically perfect films: more and more bundles are to be printed to become a communication tool, giving better prominence to the Brand on the Point of Sale.

Such dynamic developments of the collation shrink film industry have proven to be the main engines driving the fast development of the POD concept, five layer lines specifically engineered for high capacity production of non barrier films.

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