COEX FLEX 5 - 7 - 9

The growing requirements of the packaging industry have driven the development of barrier films, from the early, simple PA/PE structures, to the introduction of EVOH and the use of triple, asymmetrical barriers and differentiated outer layers.

Over the years, Macchi have not only been improving their technological offer to be able to satisfy these growing demands, but have been developing and perfecting their solutions, to extend the application range of the films made available by the resin industry. Seven and nine layer pieces of equipment now can manufacture double or triple barrier structures, to optimize the film performances, provide for further thickness reduction and increase the productivity. And the road is quickly leading to 11 layer structures, to cater for new market needs such as peelability/reclosability.

Thus, today the Macchi range of systems for the barrier film industry spans from 5 to 9 layers, all fully engineered to be integrated production systems.

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