The RECOTRIM is a quite unique pelletizing system, developed to allow the in-line recycling of the side trims produced during film extrusion. As a standard, it is supplied with an air/trim separation hopper, which results quite useful when the winder is equipped with a Venturi suction system to allow the removal of the trims, but it can be completed upon request with a nip roll, whose speed matches the winder speed.

A typical RECOTRIM feature is the use of a counter rotating twin screw, allowing the smooth feeding of materials of any thickness. Once fed, the material is melted and plasticized in the screw, without losing any of its physical characteristics, and then fed to a specially designed extrusion die, based on melt flow concepts derived from film extrusion, and exits through a strand die. There, an adjustable speed rotary cutting system divides the extruded strands into pellets of the size required, which are then air cooled before being discharged in a container.

The system is equipped with a side chute, which allows also to reclaim waste reels.

The productivity of the RECOTRIM varies according to the types of materials, and can reach up to 50 kg/h.

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