First introduced by Macchi in 2001, the Polyolefin-dedicated (POD) technology has become a real industrial trend since 2013, when its ability to increase the margins in the tough film market by producing thinner, stronger, better and price competitive films has been fully recognized.

Five or seven extruders have quickly become the answer to achieve the desired optical properties, printability and sealability by balancing the characteristics of the new resins which are being made available in the raw materials market, for instance compensating the excessive elasticity of metallocene or linear skins in very thin structures by using stiffer grades in dedicated layers.

Collation shrink and flexible packaging substrates have been the driving force, but new applications are being developed daily.

The POD concept, offering unprecedented possibilities of film downgauging, higher output rates and better product performances, is paving the way to new business opportunities across the film markets.

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