First Macchi 9 layer coextrusion line in Germany

Macchi has recently delivered and installed the first 9-layer coextrusion plant to the company DUOPLAST AG, a leading producer of agricultural film in Germany.
The line, configured with seven extruders 55 mm, two extruders 65 mm, 500 mm die head, BO PLUS double station automatic winder, has a capacity of about 500 kg/hr.
The line is designed for new products development in the agricultural field, load security stretch film applications and food barrier films. Macchi 9-layer enables DUO PLAST to produce stretch films with even more efficiency, thinner layers and higher stretchability; it strengthens the sustainability approach, providing DUO PLAST with the unique capability to extend their portfolio of high-performance films based on recycled material and on polymers out of renewable raw materials.

Furthermore, the line incorporates many of the most recent Macchi's technological developments, such as but not limited to:

  • New air recirculation system for a drastic reduction in energy consumption
  • New micro porous inversion bar system, specific to produce sticky films
  • New fully automated system for unloading finished rolls
  • New "MACCHI 4.0" system for production data exchange

“The new extrusion line, which fully comply with all most stringent Industry 4.0 requirements, is a fundamental component for further DUO PLAST development as far as functionalities, quality and production standards is concerned. Now we can use special polymers in each single layer. We can grant our customers a higher load security and higher barrier properties while using less material. The simple handling and the high safety standards bring high added value for our employees”, explains Detlef Kaase, COO of DUO PLAST AG.

About Macchi S.p.A.
​Founded in 1961, MACCHI was one of the first equipment manufacturers worldwide to concentrate on blown film extrusion. From the very beginning, Macchi has focused its efforts on improving and developing its co-extrusion technology where they have attained a leadership role in the films sector thanks to their dedication to innovation, R&D continuous investment, quality, product reliability and emphasis on flexibility and versatility. Today MACCHI can count on one of the largest and most diversified production programs in the world. To provide an efficient after sale service, MACCHI has structured itself internationally with a widespread network of agents and offices.

DUO PLAST® is a leading and innovative manufacturer in the packaging film market and stretch film market and produces packaging films in outstanding quality. Several patents, know how in stretching machines and a new technology centre for optimisation of customised cargo securing concepts make the company unique throughout the world.

According to our principle 'YOUR SUCCESS IN OUR FILM!'® we offer innovative and modern packaging solutions for different fields of application. We are highly innovative and always close to our customers. Our ability to make quick decisions allows us to react efficiently to the requirements of the market.

Our product portfolio consists of five business segments:

  • DUO INDUSTRY – Stretch Wrap Film for Pallet Wrapping
  • DUO AGRO – Silage Wrap for Round and Square Bales
  • DUO FOOD & HEALTH – Packaging Films for Food
  • DUO SYSTEMS – Semi and fully automatic Packaging Equipment for the Industry
  • DUO LAB – German Technology Centre for Load Unit and Cargo Security

Stretch films made by DUO PLAST are used in the industrial and agricultural sector and for the packaging of food products. Distribution of packaging equipment including a comprehensive service completes our portfolio. In addition, we offer comprehensive testing technologies for load unit security and packaging optimization.

As manufacturer of high-quality stretch and wrap film, we stand for environmental sustainability and fair competition in the stretch film market. As founding member of the initiative ProStretch we have committed ourselves wholly and completely to supplying stretch films of guaranteed quality.