Green Plast 2022

The first edition of the exhibition Green Plast is now over.

We are proud to be part of the circle of companies presenting innovations to respect and protect the environment we live in.


We thank the numerous visitors who came to our booth, people from almost every continent of the world! The exhibition was more international than we thought.

We had the great pleasure of exchanging ideas, news, and vision with people from very different areas.

This is one of the foundations of Macchi’s philosophy, listen to the needs and requirement of our customers and create solutions able to carry them in the future!


Our newest innovation, R-POD FLEX has been officially launched.

R-POD FLEX is one the most innovative blown film extrusion lines, especially designed for environmental solutions developed on recycled or biobased raw materials.

In this way high quality packaging film can be produced, keeping and eye on its environmental sustainability, helping human race to satisfy its needs today, without affecting the world we’ll leave to our children.


Mono material solutions are fully recyclable, but with some limitations regarding mechanical and optical properties. The problems can be solved either using very specific and dedicated resins or adding an MDO to the production line.

Macchi’s R-POD FLEX can be supplied with “in line MDO” or in the “MDO ready” version, giving to customers the complete flexibility and freedom to upgrade their production lines step by step.


Even if the exhibition is over, please get in contact with us if you would like further details about the above-mentioned topics.



Our best regards


Macchi Team