Macchi and Rieckermann, a reality in the Asian Markets

Almost three years of strategic cooperation between Macchi and Rieckermann on the tough SEA markets have passed and, in spite of the travelling limitations imposed by the CoVid pandemics, the results are showing: in China, the team is right now commissioning a state-of-the-art 7 layer line taking advantage of the over the Internet remote assistance system developed by Macchi, while a number of three and five layer blown film lines have been installed by the Rieckermann engineers at some reference Customers such as Messrs. Thong Guan in Malaysia, Messrs. PT Primajaya Eratama in Indonesia and Messrs. Hai Nam in Vietnam.

The VR (Virtual Reality) System developed by Macchi has played a vital role in the achievement of such targets, in cooperation with the Rieckermann’s local engineers: by means of a special pair of Virtual Reality glasses running on a dedicated Internet application, Macchi engineers or the Customer’s staff can be in direct contact with Macchi’s HQ in Venegono Inferiore, receiving in real time directions, information or even visualizing on the glasses itself the line drawings, while the Macchi staff can see what the local users are seeing, and be able to direct them towards the best intervention procedure.

Of course, at the bottom lies the fantastic commercial job carried out by the Rieckermann country offices, who have been able to offer and sell the Macchi lines: the latest success is the sale of three highly specialized lines in China for the production of masking film, a market where Macchi plays an undisputed leading role proved by the number of successful installations running all over the area.